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Tom Stodulka in the media

Check out where poet Tom Stodulka has featured in the media.

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Tom Stodulka's poem Spring Brings us Hope was included in The Sunshine Coast magazine's Poet's Corner! Take a look at the featured poem below: 

Poem Spring Brings Us Hope by Tom Stodulka 1 September 2021


We have seen the winter season come and go.

Cool nights, though not too low.

Covid has taken a big toll and people are sinking so very low.

Messages are confusing and the community wants to move on.

No more masks to don,

Friends and family to embrace,

It’s been too long a painful race.

Month after month,

Lockdown after lockdown.

Making us all frown.

Information all mixed up.

One day this, the next day that.

Which brand, draw a line in the sand.

We are all part of the not so merry band.

Some get through,

The borders to cross,

Some might say “who gives a toss?”

But others wonder how politicians can go so low.

Many ordinary folk, like you and me, feel ripped off.

They see no logic, nor rhyme, nor reason.

Actors, superstars and other favourites,

Welcomed, feted and even more elevated.

New strains challenge traditional thinking,

As too many feel we are just sinking.

Mental health has shown its sad and troubled face,

As too many come forward losing the vaccine race.

Fortunately, hope is being embraced,

As the new strains cannot always be contact traced.

Let a new season bring great hope,

With colours, rich green growth and golden wattle,

For us all, to help settle.

Enjoy the array of many a colour.

And take on every challenge.

Face a new beginning,

And come out swinging.

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