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Is it already the end of June and the F/Y- A time to reflect?

My last blog was about time and kindness. We may well ask has the world become a kinder and better place? I don’t think internationally that is going to be possible, when conflict reigns supreme like some terrible despot and power hungry ogre controlling the world. Perhaps that even describes some of our current world leaders who are continually making their unpleasant presence felt in so many ways. Wars have been with every generation it seems from time immemorial. Too often we see the Laws of Armed Conflict and the Geneva Conventions having only limited success, considering the killing fields seen across many parts of our global village. We can justifiably despair of a poor record post the War to end all wars.

Even closer to home there is, for too many, serious conflict and stress involving children. Despite the many rules, regulations, armies of lawyers and social scientists, mediators, child consultants, police, the Courts, Judges, family report writers and support networks, we too often struggle as a society to ensure children receive the protection they deserve. Every day across our “fair” land, children are too often pawns in this tragic battle-a tug of war waged before our eyes. How can it have come to this? Our lives certainly have become more complicated and challenging. Fortunately there is much good will to cope with these challenges. Hopefully as a society, collectively and individually we will endeavour to make improvements. We will learn to listen better, acknowledge the common ground with grace and empathy and be less quick to judge each other, when there is good reason. “Optimistic” you may well say and I would agree, but without some hope and a positive mind set, the challenges can be even greater.


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