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Show some patience and try to be kind

Show some patience,

Be kind.

Life is a challenge

Always mind.

We all have so much to give

Avoid getting into a bind.

To share

To love

To forgive-what a privilege.

To say thank you.

To say sorry and mean it.

The world is in flux, even confusion.

We are all too harried and hurried.

Children watch their parents preoccupied.

Parents try to keep up.

Awful to feel left behind.

We over-react to situations, maybe even get a shock.

Cool it man.

Be less harried and hurried and may be troubled.

A natural reaction.

Seek forgiveness.

Express a sorry and a thank you.

They always go a long way.

Though be sure you mean it.

Go the extra distance.

It will be worth the ride,

Show patience and try to be kind.

8 January 2019 by Tom Stodulka

My last blog mentioned the new book which hopefully will be out later this year. Keeping fingers crossed I am still on track and on time. There is that amazing word and concept of time and as we all know in this rushed world time is taking us over and waits for no man nor woman. That takes me to another new poem attached to this blog called Show some patience and try to be kind written on 8 January 2019.

In addition to kindness and patience I strongly believe in our capacity to acknowledge another human being-an affirmation and recognition of those special around you. That affirmation really does go such a long way. Today I will share some recent acknowledgements I have received:

“Hearing your words spoke straight to my heart and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you the impact it had on me” BB 27 March 2019

“Significant moments in life will fade, but what won’t be erased and the real purpose of Tom’s next book is there is not one other could do this, it will not exist if you don’t march towards that unique expression of speaking to hearts and stilling restless souls” LH 9 April 2019

Thank you for reading this and may you feel inspired to go forth and tackle any situation large or small.


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