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The Farmer’s Lament and Hopes by Tom Stodulka

The rains have come after the months of drought.

Much of the land was turned without.

The crops planted with hard labour and effort,

With many a family member’s support.

They say we must start again, now that we have had the rain.

There’s many prayers and hopes for more of the same.

We really need it to come again and again.

Yes, the wet season is now upon us,

So let it shine,

Let it shine.

We still need the Sun and its warming ray,

To ensure we can make the hay;

While the sun and the rain

Keep coming again and hopefully again.

The city folk who live in another space,

Yet so dependent on the farmers’ race,

To manage climate’s uncertain pace.

Being at one, whether country or city

In our love for the sun and combined in synchronicity,

It is serendipity.

When all goes to plan

Especially when we can flourish

And the rain gives every best chance to nourish.

(From 'Storm Clouds & Silver Linings; My Journey' by Tom Stodulka)

In our harsh drought, fire and flood affected land we are always reminded of the huge impact weather and nature have on both the country and the city. The weather will always play a major role in our day to day lives. It can influence how well the city and country become a partnership through common ground and shared goals. We are each dependent on the other. Although our lives are mostly as different as chalk and cheese, yet when things go well for the farmers, city folk share in that wellness and well-being.

The price of vegetables and meat impacts considerably on city dwellers, as much as it does on those living in the country. A good harvest and good prices for lamb and beef and other produce will serve us all well.

Droughts, floods and fires come as a huge cost to us all, be it in a small rural or regional community or across the whole nation.

I think, there is nothing as exciting for people in rural Australia, as a good downpour of rain, at the right time and in the right quantity. Of course just the right balance is preferable, but rain after any extended dry period will usually be very welcome. New beginnings are possible and the farmers’ delight will have spin offs for we city people who indirectly and directly are beneficiaries as the “rain gives every best chance to nourish”.


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