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A Farmer’s Lot in a Dry Land

I wrote this poem on 1 August 2018, at the height of the drought after visiting Toowoomba and being deeply affected by the impact of the months of dry weather, the frosts and the wind.

It is not dissimilar to other poems in Storm Clouds and Silver Linings-My Journey about the dry country side, the impact on the farmers and the relief when the rains finally come.

I have just returned from Toowoomba after a day’s visit to raise funds for Drought Relief from the sale of my book at Book Tree in Ruthven Street. The Chronicle had advertised my visit and the support I received while in Toowoomba was outstanding. The community spirit and enthusiasm from locals and visitors for the Carnival of Flowers spectacle and its choreographed events was just amazing and leave a lasting impression of how a city can put on a grand show and rally during what has been a difficult time for many farmers.

Poem A Farmers Lot in a Dry Land by Tom Stodulka 1 August 2018

It is still winter, two thirds through.

No end to the cold, the frost and the dew.

Some green fields to soften the blow.

Surviving by a thread, with irrigation

A brief elation.

Fields of caulies and broccoli

Between the parched, dry and strained landscape.

A mere mask covering the real and heavily impacted scene.

Which will all make many a farmer’s lot so lean.

Further west, north and south, no matter how keen.

Just a devastation for man and beast,

If only some rain could fall, to say the least.

It could save the day,

Though it will need lots to give the farmer a happy say.

Finances and charity are stepping up to the plate,

Hopefully it will not be too late.

Let’s all give them a well-deserved cheer

To ensure there will be some dollars left to buy a beer.

No doubt fruit and veg will soon be dear.

The rains will need to save the farmers and their families being out on their ear.

Australia is used to the good and the bad,

But no one should have to be driven mad.

Resilience is a fine thing, but even the farmer will struggle without a decent soaking.

Each day is now too tough,

Anything to help them get out of the rough.

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